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David Stump – ASC
“Mike Boidy first came to me after graduating from film school for guidance and mentoring 14 years ago. He has, in the years since, become my compatriot, collaborator, and at times my inspiration. Mike is my constant reminder to keep a smile on my face and enjoy the gift of life!”



Peter J. McKernan – Feature Film Pilot – DGA
“Mike Boidy is a professional in every sense of the word. Great to work with”


Mike Maloy Empirical Reality – Tv Executive Producer – Writer – Director
“Mike Boidy is not just a great DP. He’s also a real collaborator, film maker and all around good guy. His skill set as DP is world class to which he adds a director’s vision and a writer’s ability to find the story in any given situation. I’ve enjoyed working with Mike on a variety of projects. He never ceases to amaze and surprise me, regardless of the nature of the project.”



John Feist – Television and Feature Film Director Survivor & Royal Tour Series
“Mike, thanks for your stellar work on ‘Israel: The Royal Tour’ (and ‘Mexico: The Royal Tour’ for that matter). Your aerials are amazing and you make us look great.”


Jeff Pantukhoff – President & Founder of The Whaleman Foundation
“I strongly recommend Mike Boidy. Mike has graciously volunteered his services and filming expertise on several occasions to my non profit organization to help us film in several locations around the world including Japan and Southern California and his generosity and expertise has helped us to make a difference in our world.”



Aaron Fitzgerald – Film Pilot and Owner of Airborne Images
“Mike Boidy is pleasure to fly with. He is an artistic Aerial DP who always gets the job done with a great attitude.”